Peer Communication

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Peer Communication Leaders:

  • Ignacio Roman: President
  • Camryn Thorndyke: Vice President
  • Kaylynn Powell: Minister of Defense
  • Abe De Santos: Secretary
  • Atiana Stratman: Administrative Liaison
  • Brendan Farnsworth: Officer
  • Carson Weide: Officer

Ignacio Roman

Camryn Thorndkye

Abe De Santos

Kaylynn Powell

Atiana Stratman

Brendan Farnsworth

Carson Weide

Peer Communicator Spotlight

Elsa Torres: Elsa joins Peer Communication for her senior year. Elsa has been a member of the Paso Robles High School track team and is known for her kindness around campus. Elsa is bilingual, would love the world to know that she is passionate about what she does, and she is determined once she sets her mind to something. In the future, Elsa hopes to major in Neuroscience and become a lab researcher.

Trevor Jaureguy: Trevor joins Peer Communication for his junior year. Trevor is known as your every day nice guy who is active in our Crimson News Magazine at Paso Robles High School as a journalist. Trevor is a member of 4-H, the Varsity Water Polo team, the Varsity Swim team, and an active member of Skills USA. Trevor hopes to study film in college and work for companies like Marvel. You can find Trevor on Mondays, in room 1011, at lunch as one of the leaders of Friday Night Live.

Justine Phillips: Justine started her senior year as the person on our campus who had attended most of the major events on campus. She is a big fan of other Bearcats and supports all of our teams. You can find Justine working for Crimson Crew on campus. Justine is one of the kindest and most caring people around. When Justine grows up she wants to be a therapist with plans on attending Cal Lutheran in the fall.

What is Peer Communication?

Peer Communication is a class on campus that serves to help with the social-emotional climate of our campus. Peer Communication does the following to serve our Bearcat Community:

  • One-on-one: Peer Communicators work one-on-one with students who need to talk with someone. Tutoring services are also available.
  • Conflict Mediation: This service is meant to help friend groups resolve small issues.
  • Community Service Hours: Peer Communicators are required to serve in our community to help humans, the environment, and/or animals locally.
  • Bearcats Care: An on campus anti-bullying conference led by students.
  • Holiday Bin Project: Every winter, the Peer Communicators lead the campus on fundraising for 5-8 local families in need before the winter break.
  • Special Olympics: Peer Communicators help and coach Special Olympic athletes in the annual Special Olympics.

Bearcats Care 2018

Interested in Joining Bearcats Care? Click Here

Permission Slip: Click Here

Bearcats Care:

  • Who: Peer Communicators, Teachers, and anyone who would like to join!
  • What: An anti-bullying conference. Each student gets a certified letter at the end of the event. This is great to put on a resume for jobs or for college.
  • Where: Gil Asa Gym
  • When: Thursday October 11th, 2018. 1st-6th period.

Need a Permission Slip? Come by Mr. Carroll's room during breaks. Permission slips are due Tuesday, October 9th.

2018-2019 Peer Communication Class

Samuel Bartlett

Ayleen Campoverde

Kendall Cauruana

Ryann Coffey

Abe De Santos

Spencer Degnan

Arriana Espinoza

Andrew Farmer

Brendan Farnsworth

Mikayla Flores

Lilia Fuller

Kaylie Guab

Cristy Gonzalez

Ryan Harvel

Kathryn Hopkins

Cindy Jaimes

Trevor Jaureguy

Jayden Loewen

Lissete Ortega

Sara Owens

Daniella Perez Zepeda

Justine Phillips

Natalie Portillo

Kaylynn Powell

Katherine Reid

Ignacio Roman

Idelia Ruiz Pacheco

Chelcy Salvador

Shane Shupp

Atiana Stratman

Camryn Thorndyke

Elsa Torres

Leo Torres

Nancy Torres

Atante Walker

Carson Weide