Welcome to the Elementary Library of Port Allegany

Week of April 6:

Please see links below for activities you can do at home. These activities will be updated weekly until furthur notice during school closure.

Any questions please send an e-mail to kkoehler@pasdedu.org

or call the school at 642-9557 ext 3005

Students in grades 4-6 should access this weeks assignment via Google Classroom. Students should use the school e-mail and passwords to access their library class and look under classwork for the assignment. This is due by April 7.

Students in grades 2-3 should find information about spring and send me an e-mail with 3 sentences and a picture. If you don't know how to copy paste a picture ask your parents or ask me via e-mail. You should use the database Britannica School (info about the site below) They have done this with me in the library!! This is due by April 7.

Students in grades K-1 should listen to a story using Storyline Online and try taking an AR quiz.

AR is now available to use at home!! Please use this link: https://hosted91.renlearn.com/712424/ Don't forget these points count for your career (get you name on the 1000 pt board near the office)

Students should use their usernames and passwords like they did in school. Usually the username is first initial last name, password is first initial last initial student number. If you can't remember your log in information, or you have questions please contact me via email at: kkoehler@pasdedu.org

Students in grades K- 6 can access the database Britannica School (find valid information) at: https://school.eb.com/levels The username is paes, the password is students.