Personalized Learning in Pasadena Independent School District

Pasadena ISD's Personalized approach to teaching and learning:

  • Builds strong relationships between students and adults

  • Provides meaningful learning experiences

  • Increases student engagement

Building Strong Relationships

1:1 Mentoring

Teachers play an additional role as mentors to their students, providing support through weekly 1:1 meetings. Mentors help students identify how to improve progress in their classes and overcome challenges. Mentors also help students develop effective learning strategies, behaviors, and a mindset they can apply in the classroom and to personal goals.

Providing Meaningful Learning Experiences

Project Based Learning

Students spend the majority of their time working on projects that allow them to apply knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios. When students work in teams to apply what they're learning to projects that mimic and solve real-world problems, they develop strong collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills.

Increasing Student Engagement

Self-Directed Learning

Students are guided through a learning cycle that fosters self-direction. They learn to set goals, select strategies, implement their plans, and reflect on the outcome to see if their plan worked. This cycle of learning can be applied to any task and is developed across all aspects of personalized learning. Teachers and mentors work with students to provide individualized support.

Student & Teacher Experience in Personalized Learning

Student Experience

  • Demonstrate student agency by having choice in when, where, and how they learn.

  • Select content that best meets their learning style.

  • Establish weekly obtainable academic goals.

  • Establish long term college goals.

  • Work collaboratively with small groups

Teacher Experience

  • Personalize instruction by providing opportunities for students to practice skills, give real-time feedback and support students to make their own plans to reach academic goals.

  • Provide small group workshops based on individual student needs.

  • Mentors students to become self-directed learners who can set and achieve goals and maximize opportunities.

Personalized Learning Growth in PISD

Personalized Learning Campuses In Pasadena ISD

Personalized Learning Campuses & Courses in Pasadena ISD

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