About Us

PartnerCommunity, Inc. (PCI) has been a pioneer and leader in providing customer eBonding solution to telecom carriers and their enterprise customers since 2002. While many of the Fortune 500 companies and large government agencies are using our solution, most people have not heard about us because our solution is often deployed under telecom carriers’ brand.

PCI was founded in 2000, around the same time when the Internet bubble burst. It was a challenging time for most companies, but even more so for those in the telecom industry. Instead of trying to push our wares to as many prospects as we could find, like so many other dot com companies were doing, we chose instead to focus on understanding and solving our existing customers’ problems and pain points. Such focus gave birth to our proprietary customer eBonding solution. A lot has changed since then, but our focus on solving our customers’ issues has remained the same, which is reflected in the way we work with our customers. We always take a proactive approach in understanding their business needs as well as technical requirements. In the meantime, we have never missed a chance to help them understand what customer eBonding means to their business and processes.

Given that it usually takes us less than three months to complete a complex business-to-business (B2B) integration from start to finish, what we do is not just rewarding but almost “instantaneously” gratifying. We take pride in each of the short journeys as we transform skeptical customers into advocates of our eBonding solutions as they see first-hand progress and success of such a complex integration project. Besides our superior products and proven processes, our deep expertise serves as another important reason why we can complete such complex B2Bintegrations reliably and efficiently. All of our team members have had many years of experience in customer eBonding – not only in integration technologies but also in business processes.

Customer eBonding is what we do and is the only thing we do. Plus, it is what we truly excel at.