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Help Businesses to Connect

What we do

We help businesses, especially service providers and their business customers, to connect. By connect, we mean business process integration and bonding, enabling service management process to span across company boundaries. This eliminates unreliable and costly manual intervention and swivel chair, thus increases service quality and reduces service cost ... more

Who we are

We are the pioneers of eBonding (electronic bonding) for service providers, allowing them to automate their service management processes with their business customers. Founded in 2000, we have been focusing on eBonding and nothing else. Our focus and dedication have enabled us to offer superior products and services to our customers, and earned us their trust and loyalty, for example, we won the "Verizon Supplier Recognition Award" ... more

How we do it

Throughout the years, we have productized proven eBonding solutions that are reliable, flexible and extensible. Our virtual eBonding appliance (EBA) can be configured quickly to support some of the most complex business integrations, yet can be deployed and managed anywhere. Furthermore, it has adapters that can quickly connect to leading service management applications, for example, ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, and many others ... more