Dinosaurs are also reptiles or birds but they are famous enough for there own part.

Dinosaurs lived in new zealand they walked to nz when there was one giant landmass called pangea.

There were not many if any famous species some of the species that lived on nz they include Southan Allosaurus,Leanalasurus and Muttaburrasaurus.

Leanalasurusus a sociable animal that have positions like sentry and breeding pear and lived in the mid cretaceous period.

stegosaurus had small blunt teeth and a tiny brain.it was the dumbest dinosaur

Muttaburrasaurus is a 2 tone migrating dinosaur that talks in trumpets and has a big nose.

pentaceratops had five horns and live in new mexico usa. this 6 meter herbivore is related to Anchiceratops and Torosaurus.

The Southern Allosaurus is smaller than its northern counterpart and was probably warm blooded. It was a ambush predator that was at the top of the food chain and lived in the mid cretaceous period.

Velociraptor.Velociraptor was a medium sized lightly boult meat eater Velociraptor had a long low skull, with a very flat snout. Velociraptor had long arms and it legs were slender. 1 toe

the best know dino in the jurassic period are probably stegosaurus or diplodocus


one of the first dinosaurs were compsonothis who live about 200 million years ago.

acanthopholis. acanthopholis was a 5.5 long dino with an stout of oval plates and sharp spikes along the middle of its back.

most people believe dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago after a big asteroid hit earth.the asteroid may have create tsunamis and a dust cloud that blocked out the sun which caused plants to starve then the hebierrise behemoth then the smaller plant eaters.without the food the carnivores starved and no known plant or animal over 25 kg survived.

Allosaurus. Allosaurus was the main carnivore dino in the late jurassic in north America ( north and south america were different land masses.