Springhouse Middle School Yearbook

2018-2019 Yearbooks are now on SALE!

You can order yours using the link below or by submitting an order form along with payment to Christmas City Studio.

All books ordered by the May 1st deadline will receive FREE student name personalization on the cover!




*There will be a $1.50 online processing fee added to all online orders.

Please keep a copy of your receipt from the online transaction or make note of your check number to confirm order until books are delivered.

Cover Design Contest

Would you like to have your artwork featured in this year's book design? All students are welcome to submit their design by January 11th, 2019.

  • Any medium may be used -crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint, pastels, digital art, etc.
  • Art work should fill the ENTIRE page!
  • Keep all important design features at least ONE INCH away from the page edge
  • Designs should represent Spinghouse Middle School

Front Cover Must Include:

  • School Name: Springhouse Middle School
  • School Year: 2018-2019

Back Cover:

  • does not need to include words, but it may

All artwork should include artist name, grade, and homeroom on back.


  • I think I ordered a yearbook, but I am not sure. Is there a way to check before the order deadline?

You may email the yearbook adviser or contact Christmas City Studio directly at 610-691-2109 to request confirmation of order. Please be sure to include the following in the request to expedite the process:

        • Student's Name
        • Grade Level
        • Parent/Guardian Name

  • I forgot to order a yearbook before the May 1st deadline. Can I still get one?

There will be a LIMITED number of books available at the end of the school year. They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis for $30.00 cash or check. Checks must be made out to Springhouse Middle School ONLY. Listen for details during homeroom.

  • I ordered a yearbook, but did not receive one after delivery. What should I do?

Please email the yearbook adviser along with the following information:

        • Student Name
        • Grade Level and Homeroom
        • Parent or Guardian Name
        • Proof of purchase (cancelled check number or online receipt)