Parkfield Resilient Schools

Copy of how are you feeling today?

Week 1 Resilient schools

Making your feelings grid

Copy of it's nice to be nice!

Week 2 Resilient Schools

Acts of Kindness and moving zones

feelings thermometer

Week 3 Resilient Schools

Making your thermometers

let's play!

Week 4

Resilient Schools

Let's Play

jar of thankfulness

Week 5

Resilient Schools

what's on your mind?


Week 6

Resilient Schools

lockdown reflections


Resilient Schools

Reflection on Lockdown

Creating a piece of artwork to reflect your journey since January.

This work must be brought to school on Monday 8th March

Virtual Library - Resilient Schools

Welcome to our new online Schools Virtual Library

All of the books relate to our resilient schools programme

Each library room sets out a different theme and will link to the story being read. Please take time to enjoy these with your children and talk to them about the stories and how they relate to us all.

Library room 1 : Feelings and Emotions

Library room 2: Empathy, Kindness and Compassion

Library room 3: Different but the same

A very big thankyou to Ms Pertzel in Yr 5 for choosing such wonderful books and putting this together for us!

See below some of your lovely work around Resilient Schools - You and your families are amazing!

Copy of Shayma Ayari - Resilient Monster Learning - 28.01.21
20210204_210202_1472903633245254 (1).mp4