About Mrs. Allen

My name is Michelle Allen. I am married to John and we have 8 children. My oldest is a senior this year and my youngest is 3 years old. When I am not at school you can find me watching my kids’ sporting events and enjoying family time.

In 2001 I graduated from Texas A&M College Station with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries. Before becoming a teacher I worked in environmental labs. I became a teacher to share my love of science and inspire tomorrow’s thinkers.

This is my 13th year as a teacher. I have taught 5th- 8th grade science in Texarkana and in Paris. I spent 5 years at Crockett teaching 5th grade science. Last year I moved to the Jr. High to teach 8th grade science.

About 8th grade Science

This year your student will focus on many Science topics to prepare them for future science classes and the Science STAAR test. We will work as a team to explore concepts in the science lab and expand their science knowledge.

Topics we will study:

  • Science Process Skills

  • Atoms

  • Periodic Table

  • Chemical Formulas and Reactions

  • Forces that change Earth

  • Topographic Maps

  • Climatic Interactions

  • Earth Cycles

  • Ecosystems

  • Force and Motion

  • Light Years and Theories

  • Characteristics of the Universe

*This outline is subject to change.