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Jason Williams is an Arkansas based musician, singer and songwriter. He has been honing his musical talents since the tender age of 9 years old. He did not realize his gift for songwriting until later in life. Despite this fact, he has more than made up for any lost time having amassed a catalog with scores of songs.

In his personal life Williams has been through divorce, lack, loss and even the heartbreak of burying two children one of whom was lost to senseless gun violence. These difficult and dark episodes in his life have taught him how to trust God through anything. His songwriting pad has been covered with tears many times as he has used music and God breathed songs to pull and encourage himself through. Williams says, “I want the songs that I write and the music that I do to encourage people” He feels is not enough to just be “Hot”. “The music must be authentic and honest”

In 2005 Williams released and album titled,” The Testimony of a Young Preacher”. This was his first full length studio album. Williams says about the release, “The Testimony was an important album that taught me great lessons about completing things you start but also sticking with the team” He is working now to re-produce and rerelease some of those songs.

Be on the lookout for his new single in Fall 2019!!!

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