What is Media Studies?

Our Senior Media Studies courses will help you develop your understanding and application of design thinking, project management, writing for the big screen or a digital publication, and producing for a real live audience.

This course prepares you for studying media and communication, Broadcasting school, film production, magazine production, media design, general media production and future study/career in a media-related industry.

You will learn to: pitch your ideas with confidence; write with control, style and impact; and produce an engaging film for entry into our prestigious Media awards, The Pappies!

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Teacher in Charge of Media: Helen MacGougan mgh@papanui.school.nz

Media teachers: Michael Smith smm@papanui.school.nz and

Kendra Takle tkk@papanui.school.nz

Our Manifesto

In Media we have come to value:

    • Learners and learning. Assessment or credits do not drive this course. Our learning does.
    • The process of design thinking and making a product for our community. The aim of our products is to engage a real, live target audience.
    • Tuakana-teina. When you feel you are more expert at something we are doing in Media, help and guide others who are less expert. Our learning environment recognises that the teachers are not the experts in the room. We are all experts in something. We value learning from each other.
    • Flexibility. Unlike other courses or subjects which separate internal assessments to specific times of the year, you will be assessed once you have completed production for a real target audience (a commercial, film trailer, short film or digital publication).
    • Your creativity and innovation matters to us. If you know a new or better way to do something, then share with us all. Great ideas can happen anywhere.
    • Productivity and accountability. Successful Media students come to class prepared to design, pitch, plan, film, edit etc. Successful Media students focus their conversations on the task at hand. Being productive means being self-regulated during independent production time.
    • Collaboration and communication. When we work with others, we benefit from sharing more ideas than working alone. Building trust and respect is very important. Sometimes conflict arises. We encourage you to have courageous conversations when this happens. Never message someone when you’re angry. Save courageous conversations for a face to face. Teachers can help facilitate courageous conversations.
    • Focus. Bring your headphones to class. Some of us need music to focus, go ahead and plugin to do this. Please do not play games, message on your phone, or use the internet for things other than your Media work. You are expected to learn how to self-regulate. These things distract you from the focus you need to be successful and to meet checkpoints.
    • Connection. Share, connect, and contribute. Create your reflection journal. Use our Google Site to access learning at www.papanui.school.nz under Curriculum > English.
    • Help and feedback. Talk to us or email us anytime. Our job is to help you.

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