How to Help

How Can You Help?

Our organization has come up with four ways a group or individual can help with this project:

  1. Sponsor a month. During the school year your group will collect of items to stock the closet. Our goal is $50-$100 worth of hygiene products of various types. Groups will be given a list of items the closet needs most.
  2. Sponsor a product. We expect some items will be needed more than others. We hope to find a group willing to keep us stocked in a frequently used item like soap, freeing up our funds for other needed items.
  3. Make a donation. If your group would prefer to make a monetary donation to the project, all donations will be used to keep our supply stocked and help kids directly.

Maintain a donation box. Any group that might be interested in hosting a donation box would also be appreciated. Our board will coordinate with you on picking up donations.

If you are an individual who would like to get involved with the Essentials Project, contact us! We always are looking for individual volunteers and donors to help with the project.

Interested in supporting our project? Please consider donating funds or items from our list below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school, any Board member, or email us at

We are also on FACEBOOK!