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Digital Citizenship Week

Civil Discourse Online

Students hear from Cameron Kasky, Parkland school shooting survivor and March for Our Lives activist, on what he learned about civil discourse online and how to foster common ground with others, even in disagreement. #DigitalCitizenshipWeek2020

Is the Internet Making You Meaner?

Students consider whether and how people might be meaner online than they in person, and explore what causes online disinhibition. #DigitalCitizenshipWeek2020

Teen Voices: Hate Speech Online

Students hear teens share their candid thoughts about xenophobia and online hate speech, including why they think it happens and ways to respond. #DigitalCitizenshipWeek2020

Teen Voices: Friendships and Boundaries

Students listen to other teens' thoughts and feelings about having and maintaining boundaries in friendships online, in a world of being constantly connected. #DigitalCitizenshipWeek2020

Teen Voices: Who Are You on Social Media?

Students hear teens reflect on how they decide to represent themselves in the digital world, reflecting on whether they represent the self they're aiming to be. #DigitalCitizenshipWeek2020

When is the Right Age to Start Social Media?

Students consider that in the United States, children are required to be 13 to sign up for most social media platforms, and think about what age kids should be allowed to start using social media, in light of privacy and social development issues. #DigitalCitizenshipWeek2020

Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much?

Is screen time good or bad for us? Students explore what the scientific research says about screen time, and consider that it's not just about the time spent but the quality of the time. #DigitalCitizenshipWeek2020

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Literary Club Writing Contest

hispanic heritage month

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. NASA Astronaut, Jose Hernandez, will be the Keynote Speaker and Special Guest, Alexandria Ayala will make an appearance. Engage in an interactive conversation and enjoy student awards and performances. Click on the poster to register for the virtual event.

video tutorials on accessing mackinvia ebooks

eBooks are also available for check out! Check out these helpful videos on how to access and use the MackinVIA platform and check out eBooks. For more information on eBooks, click the button below.

Florida Teen Reads/Battle of the Books List Released!

The Florida Teen Reads are award winning books that are used for the Battle of the Books competition in the fall. The new list was released April 23rd. Here are the 15 FTR titles for this year.

Find out more about the Battle of the Books here.

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