Oh no! A dragon ate your language teacher!

What are you going to do? Fight the dragon? Make friends with the dragon? 

First off, you're going to have to learn how to say it! 

Learn CHINESE, SPANISH and much much more through role-playing!

PALAVER is the game that teaches you different languages to help you tell a story in a fantasy world. Your job? Build your character, find an adventuring party, defeat a bad guy and collect your rewards.

So how does it work? Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

1. Build a character

Want to be a human? How about an elf or an orc? A unicorn? How about a vampire? Using common vocabulary, you can build a memorable, extraordinary character to play! 

2. Find a party

PALAVER can be played alone, but its even better with fellow language learners! You'll learn from each other, teach one another and help your confidence in speaking, listening and reading grow.

3. Solve a problem

You might need to slay a dragon, charm the fairy queen or rescue a captured king from an evil vampire...

4. Collect your rewards

And when the deed is done, it's time to write your notes, collect your loot and start planning your next adventure!

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