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Ebony Little

Creating stories through storytelling that shows ways to value our own self-worthiness!

Once a money-making-rump shaking, teen prostitute, Moore Young, is an adult hiding her seedy past. She’s fought and clawed her way to a new life, and she’s not looking back. But battling Tourette’s Syndrome and Imposter Syndrome has caused her to make Moore Raw Designs her focus. She doesn’t trust love when her heart has failed her before.

Meet the Author

Don’t let the last name fool you. Author Ebony Little is a BIG DEAL! And so is her novel, Longing for Moore, which is loosely based on Ebony’s battle and victory over low self-esteem and a form of Tourette Syndrome that she was diagnosed with at a young age.


Ebony's literary journey – and life journey in general – is a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and her deep-seated passion to change the trajectory of every soul she encounters with her story; the story in the pages of her book and the one in her heart.