Teacher Evaluation Information

The purpose of Goal Setting for Teaching Practices & Classroom Environment is to collect data focused on classroom learning conditions and student engagement.

For evaluators, teacher evaluation is a process to provide feedback to teachers that encourages continuous improvement and it is extremely important for evaluators to communicate clearly and accurately when appraising instructional quality.

Please review the following teacher evaluation statements and understand that these practices are viewed as non-negotiable within PUSD:

a) Principals must become familiar with expectations outlined in Policy GCO.

b) Refrain from conducting Formal Observations directly before or after holidays and breaks.

c) Principals must perform a minimum of two Formal Observations for all teachers. A teacher rated as effective or highly effective will receive a minimum of one Formal Observation unless an additional observation is requested by the teacher or deemed necessary by the administrator.

d).Principals must perform a minimum of three Informal Observations for all teachers.

f) Formal Observations must be uninterrupted lessons.

g) Post observation conferences must occur within five days of the classroom observation.

h) Only board approved evaluators may conduct formal observations.

i) Principals must develop Formal Observation schedules and submit these to the superintendent by October 1st.

Teacher Evaluation Documents

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