Thank you for taking the time to recognize and applaud the success of ONE of your teachers by nominating him/her to become part of the Keystone Technology Innovator community. As you complete the nomination form, please consider that a Keystone Technology Innovator is someone who embodies the following definition:

What is a Keystone?  A Keystone Technology Innovator is a classroom teacher who fully utilizes technology's many benefits to improve instructional practices across content areas.  In doing this, the teacher does not focus on the technology itself; instead, they focus on student learning and use technology to support this end.

This teacher integrates technology into his/her design of learning experiences to:

This teacher is an individual who:

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ONLY ONE PRINCIPAL PER BUILDING MAY NOMINATE A KEYSTONE (PER YEAR). The nomination deadline is February 10, 2024.

This year's Summit is July 22-26, 2024. Consider nominating a teacher willing to apply for and attend the Summit.

Nominations of KTI 2024 are OPEN!