What do you do?

We transform land data into opportunities for success.

What the heck does that mean?

It means we source official information about real estate from the public agencies that produce it. Then we perform proprietary geospatial analysis and other trade secret stuff to turn it into actionable information that leads your search for the perfect site.

How is your information different than what I can get from my title company?

This is our favorite question to answer!

Your title company is likely working off of the County Assessor's tax-roll data. That's important data to know and have and so we incorporate it into what we do too.

But we go beyond that. We take the data that exists in map files (geospatial data) and we consolidate it into a form that allows you to perform relational searches as you research your next site.

That means you will be able to search for properties based upon characteristics not provided by your title company.

Can you give me some examples?

Certainly. Here are a few...

Lot Dimensions - We calculate the dimensions of every lot across entire cities in order for our client to be able to identify only those lots that meet their project requirements

Split Parcels - We identify County Parcels of land that include multiple Municipal Lots in order for our clients to target those properties that are rip for subdivision using existing Lot Lines

Assemblages - Our proprietary process identifies contiguous County Parcels already under the same ownership

Avoidances- Using geospatial data we can identify property with status that you want to avoid, that means you can avoid properties with historic preservation status, under a design review overlay, or in a hazard area.

Alleys, Corners, Street Types - We us geospatial analysis to identify properties on alleys, corners, and on arterial routes

What areas do you cover?

We started in Los Angeles and we know it well. However, we can perform our analysis on any jurisdiction where the underlying geospatial and ownership information is available. Not every jurisdiction makes the same data available. Let us check it out for you when we do a cost proposal.

You sound expensive, what does all of this cost?

Given the time, energy, and resources our information saves our clients, we like to think that our work is priceless. But while we may not be priceless, our custom data processing and analysis projects are exclusive to those clients who understand our value in the larger picture of their enterprise.

How do you work?

There's an initial meeting to discuss your business intelligence needs and our instant view of its feasibility and cost. If our availability aligns with your timeline, we will do a deep-dive into the jurisdictions to provide a proposal. With an understanding of what information is possible based upon the official data, we draft a Statement of Work for execution and we collect a deposit to start work. We let you know how things are progressing and we meet with you at delivery to make sure you are up and running.

Ready to talk about how we can help you?

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