Present to you the November 4th, 2017

Qualifying Tournament

Hydrodynamics is this year's FLL theme.

List of teams competing in this Qualifying Tournament

1323 Team Torch

2939 VaughnBots Too

2940 VaughnBots

3838 Culver Middle Lego Factory

6442 Le Conte Eagles 1

6443 Le Conte Eagles A

18512 Warriors 2

23342 Galactic Pandatrons

24680 AFK

26350 Warbots

26887 SoCal Grizzlies

28264 Delphi Dragons

30865 Vaughn Bots Three

30961 Robotic Nerds

19204 Robo Hawks

Nov 4th FLL tournament update 10-30-17


From the 210 heading north/South: Catch 118 West. Exit Glenoaks and take a left. Continue on Glenoaks and until you reach Van Nuys Blvd. Make right on Van Nuys Blvd. Left on Herrick Ave.

From the 118 going East: Take Paxton exit. Make a right onto Paxton. Left on Herrick Ave. Cross Van Nuys Blvd and continue until you see the entrance to school parking.

Welcome Letter

FLL tournament letter @ Pacoima Charter School Nov 4.pdf

Preparation for Judging Interview

At the Qualifying Tournaments, each team will be interviewed by a pair of judges in a single 20-minutes session using this rubric which includes these categories: Project, Robot Design and Core Values. Teams are required to bring a completed Team Info Sheet and hand it to the judges. The judges will rank all the teams in each of the categories to determine teams that will earn awards and which teams will advance to the Championship Tournament.

Project - The first 5 minutes: Teams are required to provide a 5 minute presentation of their HYDRO DYNAMICS solution. The presentation can be a skit or recitation. Many teams prepare a tri-fold with relevant information to provide visuals for the judges. Be sure the presentation clearly defines a) the problem, b) explain the research sources and types c) the team' solution and any implementation consideration and cost, and d) with whom the team shared their solution. Do not exceed 5 minutes including the setup time!

Robot Design – The second 5 minutes. As soon as the project presentation is finished, the Robot Design interview begins and teams have a choice to provide a 2-3 minute presentation followed by Q&A to complete the 5 minutes. If the team doesn’t provide a presentation, the judges will use the 5 minutes for Q&A. If provided, the presentation should explain a) the process of designing and building the robot and attachments, b) sample printout of the program(s) and explanation, c) the strategy used for selecting missions and in which order the team chose to complete them.

Core Values – The third 5 minutes - As soon as the 5-minute robot design is finished, the team has a choice to provide a 2 minutes Core Values presentation followed by Q&A to complete the 5 minutes. If the team doesn’t provide a presentation, the judges will use the 5 minutes for Q&A. If provided, the presentation should explain a) what makes your team stand out, b) what does gracious professionalism mean and how it is used by team members outside of FLL, c) How does the team share what they learned in FLL with others.

General Q&A – The last 5 minutes

The remaining time will be used by the judges to ask any questions on any of the three categories. The meeting might end sooner if the judges don't have further questions to ask.

The judges will write feedback on the rubric which will be returned to teams at the end of the tournament.

Tips for the students:

  1. The judges are looking forward to hear about your HYDRO DYNAMIC solution, robot and programming, and it is your time to showcase what you’ve learned and accomplished during the season.
  2. The best presentations provide the judges with the information needed to answer questions on the rubric
  3. Use the team info sheet as guide to help you prepare for the judging interview
  4. Smile and maintain eye contact with the judges
  5. All team members should participate in the presentations and answer questions
  6. Speak clearly to make sure the judges hear and understand your points
  7. Take turns talking or answering questions; talking over each other will confuse the judges
  8. For presentations, it is ok for team members to bring "cheat sheets" with their lines to read them.
  9. If the judges ask a question you didn't understand, it is ok to ask them to repeat or explain it.
  10. Make it a fun for you and judges.

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