Examples of materials

Asphalt Shingles

This type of shingle roof is one of the most common and realiable type of roof you see on residental homes today. These shingles are made for waterproofing and lasting, Its made from fiberglass and organic matter. 

Davinci Roof

This type of roof is made to have a unique look for it has realistic chisel mark, uv stabilizers resins, eco-friendly, can stand up agaisnt any and all seasonal weather, durable synthetic shingles. The Davinci slates are a class 4 impact rating, for this reason this material is one of the longest-lasting roofing material on the markert.

Metal Roof

Metal Roof is made steel strong, This material is a good investment for anyone that wants their property value to increase, with this roof material you'll only need minimal maintenance to keep your home looking new.  

PVC Roof

PVC is single-ply roofing membrane made of polyvinyl chloride. With this material offers long lifespan, low-maintenace, also resistant to all seasonal weather and UV damage. 

Cedar Shake Roof

this material will give your home a rustic look, tremendous curb appeal, and classic cape cod look. This shingle is extremely durable and the absolute highest quality. 100% sustainable as well as environmentally friendly. 

Presidential Shingles Roof

This shingle is the original luxury series with a rich architectural beauty, has three layers of material and is one of the toughest shingles. Its granule technology provides a reflective coat from the solar heat which keeps your home at the desired tempature. 

Clay Tile Roof

This material is a ceramic tile made of clay and shale. Suitable for sloped or curved roofs. The design of this tile will give your home a modern aesthetic style. Simple to maintain, and has a long lifetime, and perfect for rainy and snowy weather.