About Us

ELEVATE Learning Labs provide free, online enrichment classes that are taught by our talented PCA teachers in the areas of Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and various enrichment courses.

  • Interactive & hands-on learning opportunities

  • The core courses are standards-based and provide students with work sample opportunities.

  • Offered every school day

  • Each course meets weekly for the duration of a Learning Period (4-5 weeks) for approximately 45 minutes.

  • TK-12 options available

  • Middle School/High School Elevate offers students a chance to study various enriching topics while developing skills to prepare them for the future.

How to Join Us

Registration is recommended, but not required. To receive email updates, course syllabus, materials lists, and support, our PCA families need to register for their desired courses using our Elevate registration website. Currently enrolled PCA families may reach out to their HST for the complete Elevate Learning Lab Course Catalog and information on how to register.

Weekly Schedule

Social Studies


9:00 am



11:00 am

Language Arts


9:00 am

Middle School/High School


9:00 am



11:00 am



9:00 am


What grade levels are Elevate Learning Labs for?

Elevate Learning Labs are open to all grade levels. Courses offered Monday - Friday are geared toward K-5 standards. In addition, middle school and high school options are offered on Thursdays.

Is there a fee to enroll in Elevate Learning Labs?

No. Elevate Learning Labs are a free. However, course materials are not included and need to be purchased independently or with school planning amount funds.

Can students enroll in more than one Elevate Learning Lab?

Yes. You can enroll in as many courses as you wish.

Would Elevate Learning Labs replace my child's daily curriculum and instruction?

Elevate Learning Labs do not replace your child's curriculum. Elevate Learning Labs enrichment, supplement, and support your child's learning at home. However, our core Elevate Learning Labs are standards-based and provide work sample opportunities.

How can I sign up for Elevate Learning Labs?

Enrolled PCA students will be provided with an online Elevate Learning Labs catalog and registration site to view our course descriptions and register if you wish.

Do I have to register for Elevate to participate in Elevate Learning Labs?

Registration is not required, but highly encouraged in order for you to receive the course syllabus, materials lists, and teacher support. If you just want to drop in a class without registering, you can do so be using the Zoom links on the Elevate Learning Labs website or the PCA Events Calendar. A student school email address is required to join Elevate sessions.

Are Elevate Learning Lab sessions recorded?

For student privacy, Elevate Learning Labs are not recorded. However, families will have access to the teacher's slides that will be linked to the course syllabus.