Decide a Name: Eg: INDIA NeoBank or My NeoBank

Service: Lend / Invest, Borrow, and Many More.

Goal: Eg: My goal is to build a 1Lakh userbase / Earn 10 crores / Help people & companies with new funds.

We partnered with RBI Approved P2P Lending Company to offer Lend/Investment and Loans Services.

If you are an existing user @, please use the current ID else create a new ID.

Create your NeoBank site using Google Sites

Are You Existing Gmail User

If Yes: Login to Gmail → Click on Google Apps → click on Sites else Create a new Gmail account

Encourage members to join, build your network and start earning money. When your members join & Invest, you earn INR 1000+. Every time they lend/Invest you earn INR 100. You can see your earnings online.
Create a Whatsapp group and invite your friends and add our Oxyloans team
Name: Narendra kumar(OxyLoans Team)PH: 9492902990
Create social media pages & share your NeoBank details and Goals.

What is NeoBank?

A NeoBank is a kind of digital bank without any branches. Rather than being physically present at a specific location, neobanking is entirely online.

It’s a wide umbrella of financial service with quick and faster response to today’s tech-savvy customers. NeoBanks can be called fintech firms that provide digital and mobile-first financial solutions payments and money transfers, money lending, and more.

NeoBanks don’t have a bank license of their own but count on licensed partners to provide lending and borrowing services.

In Our case we are integreated with OxyLoans P2P-NBFC License to Lend, Invest and Borrow.

Plan A : Association can lend CORPUS to verified borrowers

Plan B : Association members can lend & borrow money like a bank

Plan C : Members create new association as Neo Bank ( Profitable entity)

Full details in 2-pager

Set-up NeoBank and offer following basic services!

NeoBank can multiply its wealth & customers wealth

an exclusive peer to peer investment in partnership with OxyLoans

RBI approved P2P-NBFC

OxyLoans enable NeoBank customers invest at 9% - 17%

OxyLoans enable NeoBank customers to borrow from 14% - 24%

Extended Services are Protecing, Investing, Financing and Advising

PROTECTING : Life Insurance | Health Insurance | Insurance Advisory

INVESTING : Mutual Funds | Wealth Management | Stocks & Securities | Portfolio Management Services | Pension Funds | Real Estate Investment

FINAINCING : Home Finance | Personal Finance | SME Finance | Mortgage Fianance | Loan Against Securities | Corporate Finance | Debt Capital | Market & Loan Syndication | Asset Reconstruction | EMI Solutions

ADVISING : Money for Life Planner

*All extended services are offered using the partner licenses!

Who Can Set-up NeoNank?

Individuals, Companies, Associations, Firms who holds min 1000 Userbase can establish Neobank.

For Example: Apartment association, Apartment members, Supermarkets, Payment Apps, ecommerce platforms, Retail shops, Restaurants, Aggregator Apps and Community, Membership companies are in best position to launch its own NeoBank

Cost Vs Earnings Vs Logn-term Valuation

Zero Cost To Set-up | Start Earning From Day-01 | Target USD 1 Million Valuation

Think Big! USD 1 Billion Valuation | Earn Every Day on Transactions |

Earn Big When You Sell Your Neo Bank

10 Crores Earning!

Start - Invite 1000 Members onto your NeoBank, Hope 100 joined and lent money - You get 100*1000 = INR 1,00,000! It is completely online.

In Next 3-years, Think of building 1,00,000 User base of your own on NeoBank and they lent 100 crores in cumulative, you get INR 100 for every 1-lakh lent i.e. 10 lakhs only.

Valuation Target - Can you guess! Value of each active user is INR 1000. With 1-lakh user base, valuation of your NeoBank using our License will be 1 lakh users * 1000 = 10 Crores.

Start today! NeoBanking is way forward!

Powered by OxyLoans, RBI Approved NBFC-P2P.

The only organization who can enable you to sell Investments and Loans.

OxyLoans enables you to set-up your own NeoBank in 3-Steps @ Zero Cost.

Neo Banking is Powered By OxyLoans - RBI Approved P2P-NBFC, FAQ

Join Our WhatsApp Group!!

INR 7000 Crores P2P Loans Disbursement Target

Enable 1 Million ( 10 Lakh People) Indians to set-up NeoBank in 3-simple steps and create 10 Million Jobs in Next 24-Months.

The ultimate goal is INR 7000 crores disbursement.

We Invite NBFCs, PoS & Payment Companies, Merchant Networks, Securities companies, Wealth Management, and large Userbase companies to partner with us in making it happen!

Address: CC-02, Block C, Indu Fortune Fields Annexe, Phase 13,

KPHB Colony, Hyderabad – 500 085, Telangana.