The Oxford High School BRYT Program will provide clinical and family support as well as academic and wrap around care coordination to students who are transitioning back to school after an experience that has had a significant emotional impact.

Through our referral process, students with and without disabilities are able to access BRYT; its supports are culturally competent, clinically informed and customized to each student's needs.

Program staff strive to coordinate resources within Oxford High School and the wider community, and partner effectively with families, to help each participating student make the most efficient transition possible and finish the school year ready for successful promotion to the next grade level with their peers.


Schools that open BRYT programs see benefits very quickly:

  • BRYT students show improved school performance on standardized measures including related to attendance, functioning, and academic performance.

  • 85% or more of these vulnerable students complete the year on track for graduation (while the drop-out rate for students with serious mental health challenges approaches 50% nationally).

  • Families of students in BRYT programs report decreased stress and anxiety.

  • With BRYT programs supporting the highest-need students, school support staff can devote more time to the broader caseloads with which they were hired to work.

The long-term benefits are equally powerful: Students with mental health disorders learn self-care skills that position them for a healthier life. School districts improve practices and culture for addressing the needs of students with serious mental health issues, decreasing stigma, becoming more inclusive, and creating a healthier environment for all students. And initial investment in BRYT can lead to significant savings for school districts on out-of-district placements, home tutoring, and evaluations for special education.