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Contact Information:

Leah Roffo -

508-987-6066 extension 65107

Meghan Sullivan -

508-987-6066 extension 65111

*Ms. Sullivan is at Clara Barton all day on Mondays and Fridays, as well as Wednesday mornings.

School Hours: 8:35-2:50

Announcements: May 20th is Tropical Day and June 6th is Color Wars!

MCAS Testing

  • 3rd grade ELA MCAS testing 3/29 & 3/31

  • 4th grade ELA MCAS testing 4/5 & 4/7

  • 3rd grade Math MCAS testing 5/3 & 5/4

  • 4th grade Math MCAS testing 5/10 & 5/12

Role of a school counselor:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are school counselors?

  • A person who provides support services for all students.

  • A resource for all staff members and parents.

  • A liaison with outside community resources.

How does a student see a school counselor?

  • Self Referral

  • Teacher/Staff Referral

  • Parent/Guardian Referral

  • If the student has counseling services on IEP/504 plan

What counseling services do we provide?

  • Individual Counseling

  • Lunch Bunches

  • Small Groups

  • Classroom Lessons

  • Short-Term Counseling / Crisis Intervention

  • Peer Mediation / Restorative Circles

Why would a student see a school counselor?

School counseling is considered a regular/general education service that can be provided to all of our students here at Clara Barton Elementary School! Sometimes our students might be facing some difficulties which can prevent them from doing their best in school. As school counselors, we are here to support our students across all domains (academic, personal, social-emotional). Having support through difficult times can be essential to a child's educational success. Students can come talk with the school counselors about anything that is on their mind (including school adjustment issues, anxiety, self-esteem, family changes, grief, difficulties with peers, and so much more).

The school counselors may meet with all students here at Clara Barton Elementary School. We provide counseling services for students on IEP/504 Plans. We can also provide short-term counseling or check-ins with students if they are having a difficult time adjusting at school. We need parental permission in order to continuously take a student out of the classroom during learning time. If your child is visiting the counseling office frequently, we will be in contact with you to update you and come up with a plan moving forward. Please feel free to reach out to the school counselors if you have any questions regarding why a student would visit the counseling office!

Classroom Guidance Lesson Topics & Lunch Bunch Themes

  • Kindness/Empathy

  • Bullying Prevention

  • Friendships/Relationships

  • Coping With Anxiety

  • Motivation/Putting In Effort

  • Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

  • Social Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Emotion Regulation/Coping Skills

  • Responsibility

  • Self-Awareness

  • Peer Mediation

How can school counselors support parents/guardians?

  • Helping with social or emotional concerns you have about your child

  • Improving communication between you and your child

  • Discussing family difficulties/concerns that affect your child at school

  • Making outside referrals to community resources

  • Helping understand the developmental changes of childhood

  • Discussing concerns about your child’s academic achievement

  • Helping establish healthy routines for your child

Handle With Care

Handle With Care


  • Confidentiality is a very important part of the counselor/student relationship! With that being said, there are certain exceptions that require a school counselor to break confidentiality when working with a student.

  • Confidentiality would have to be broken if a student shares that someone is hurting them, that they are going to hurt themselves, or they share that they are going to hurt someone else.

  • Confidentiality can also be broken if the student gives us permission to share information.

  • Students are informed about confidentiality and the exceptions at the beginning of the school year and are reminded during counseling sessions.


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