ACHS Digital Music Production Pathway

Welcome to the Adolfo Camarillo High School Digital Music Pathway Site. We are the only Digital Music Pathway in OUHSD and one of only a couple in Ventura County! Come join our engaging and interactive courses to gain some of the skills needed to prepare a career in a creative field!

Digital Music CTE pathway lays in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment pathway of CTE and is designed for students with a general music background who are interested in the creation of electronic/digital music. Students will focus on composition techniques and songwriting skills while learning elements of computer-based music and digital editing. In addition, students will receive an array of Music Industry knowledge from brand creation, marketing, portfolio management, interview experience, event organization experience, as well as general marketing know-how.

Like many CTE Pathways, Digital Music is set up with a full-year of the concentrator level of Digital Music Production CTE. This is level 1 of the pathway.

Digital Music Production I focuses on core music elements in the field of computerized composition. Students will learn fundamental music skills such as ear training, music notation, and performance evaluation while using computers, mixers, and other pieces of music technology.

Students will not only learn how to use these tools but also learn the physics of sound, the theory behind signal chains, as well as the history of electronic music. Students will learn the history of electronic music in popular music and will identify composers and musicians who influence the evolution of electronic music. In addition, students will learn how society and politics influence the creative process for artists and how music serves as both a reflection of and a changer of popular culture.

Sound Engineering CTE is the Capstone class within the Digital Music pathway. In Sound Engineering CTE, students will have an understanding of recording concepts, techniques, terminology, and the applications of music technology. Students will produce live performances, mix recording projects, and further explore career opportunities. Students will present a portfolio of their work in the form of a personalized website as well as a professional career plan. The course is articulated with Moorpark College MUS-M03, Intro to Music Technology.

Mac Lab

Our Creative space combines the latest technology to work on Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) to create or arrange music.

Recording Studio

Our recording studio booth allows for recording of up to 20 channels of individual mics allowing for a wide variety of recording scenarios and real-world learning and preparation.

Music Festival Capstone

Our Capstone project is to host a Music Festival with local acts of various genres.

Analysis & Reflection

We spend time analyzing music in a variety of approaches to better understand composition, form, and applications of technology or effects on sound.


We use a web-based DAW called Soundtrap to create music with loops and other filters built-in to the software. This is entry level and extremely accessible to students of all levels.

Logic Pro and Pro Tools

We then move students to industry standard software such as Pro Tools by AVID and Logic Pro. This is extremely versatile software that allows for absolute customization and creativity at a level that would be expected in the workplace.