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Who we are and what we are doing...

The English IV class is excited to present the students of Owen-Gage with a website full of news, views, and special interests that has a little bit of something for everyone.  You can find a listing of individual pages in the upper left and we will be updating things bi-weekly so be sure to look things over and check back often!


Editor Biographies

Addison Bach - My name's Addison Bach, I'm a senior at Owen-Gage High School. Some of my favorite things to do are reading, watching sunsets, and hanging out with my friends and family. I am currently employed at Big Boy as a greeter. I play volleyball and softball and enjoy playing sports with my friends. 

Shelby Bowers - My name is Shelby Bowers and I hit brush hogs. This summer I worked at the restaurant Beachy’s in Caseville, Michigan. I am very active in sports. People say that I am hilarious. They also know me as Tuts the Clown! If you mention or eat SpaghettiOs around me I will gag. If you ever need someone to talk to, come up to me and I will talk your ear off! 

Gordon Gould - My name is Gordon, and I'm a senior at Owen-Gage Schools. There are many things I could tell you but I'll just tell you about some of my interests. One thing I really enjoy is origami, the ancient art of folding paper, which uses geometry to create art and toys out of paper. Another thing I enjoy is archery and other combat based skills, the reason is because they teach you discipline and hone your coordination skills. I'm looking forward to my senior year and sharing what I can do, with you. 

Karsyn Gruehn - I’m Karsyn Gruehn and my favorite sport is basketball. I’ve worked on my family’s farm for 7 years. I have 12 pets and I love them all equally. I like to clean when I’m stressed. Last but not least, never wear light colored clothes around me. I will find a way to stain it. 

Josceline Hitz - Hi my name is Josceline Hitz, I'm a senior at Owen-Gage High School. I participate in Volleyball and Softball. I study Cosmetology at the Huron Area Tech Center. I like to spend time with family and friends when I'm not busy. I'm currently working at Subway in Sebewaing. 

Zoey Koepf - I plan to keep up to date on my grades and attendance this year.

Issac Miller - My name is Isaac Miller, and I'm a senior. I hunt in the fall and fish in the summer. I'm the proud owner of a 1992 GMC Sierra 1500 and a 1987 Honda Trx250x. I hope to rebuild my GMC in the future. 

Karlie Morrish - My name is Karlie Morrish and I am a senior at Owendale-Gagetown High School. In my spare time I like to play with my fainting goats because they are hilarious. When they faint they remind of myself because I am very clumsy. I also play every single sport except for cross country because I do not run for fun. 

Alesia Oswalt - Heyo it’s Alesia Oswalt :) I’m a senior at Owen-Gage that loves to hear the thoughts of my peers. I’m working on a page called The Bark. The Bark will have anonymous interviews with students, fun surveys, and more school related news! 

Conner Snear - My name is Conner Snear, and I attend Owendale-Gagetown Area High School. I am a senior that participates in basketball and chess club. This summer I started a new job welding and tearing apart steel tubs. I’m also very passionate about cars. 

Corbin Sparkes - My name is Corbin Sparkes.  I go to Owendale-Gagetown High School and I’m a proud redneck. I love hunting riding four wheelers, working on my trucks, and working on my family farm. I am very happy this is my senior year. 

Logan Thuemmel - My name is Logan Thuemmel, I attend Owen-Gage High School. I work at Walmart, my duties are pushing carts. In my spare time I like riding my dirtbike, and my favorite restaurant is Lugos. 

Hannah Wood - My name is Hannah Wood and I am a student at Owen-Gage High School. I take Dual Enrollment through the Huron Area Tech Center. I am employed through Meijer where I work every weekend. I enjoy drawing and listening to music in my spare time.  

Art Club

The third Wednesday of the month from September through May, from 3-5pm, is Art Club.  This is for any student in grades 6-12.  Students pay $1 when they sign-up with Mrs. Evans to participate.  December 20th sign-up will be happening soon,  see daily announcements for details!

Art Club is sponsored in part by Huron County Community Foundation!