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OVSD Child Development Programs-Early Learning Preschools 

Ocean View School District

Preschool Programs

The goal of OVSD Preschool is to provide 3-5 year old children with a developmentally appropriate program that encourages the intellectual, social-emotional, language, physical and creative development of each child. 

Through planned activities for large and small groups and individuals, children gain the language and school readiness skills to prepare them to enter kindergarten ready to access the curriculum. 

OVSD preschools could be the right fit

Interested in registering for preschool with OVSD? Read about our preschool programs and find out what steps to take next to join the OVSD family.

Check out some of our favorite snapshots over the years! Our kids sure love to explore.

Need help or support for your preschooler, yourself and/or your family? Have a look at some helpful things we're sharing with our community through our district and outside agencies.

California’s Universal PreKindergarten (UPK) has a new website! Parents and families can visit the site to learn more about UPK programs throughout the state and find out how to locate programs in their area. Visit by clicking the picture below.