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Watch this video for an explanation of how to log in and check out books!

Introducing Sora: a fun and easy way to check out ebooks and audiobooks!

Sora is an app that lets you check out ebooks and audiobooks from the school library and Oakland Public Library. Log in, browse around, and enjoy some great books!

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Search in Sora.webm

How to Search for a Book in Sora

Borrow a book.webm

How to Borrow a Book in Sora

Sora - Return Book.webm

How to Return a Book in Sora

Sora - Explore.webm

How to Add Oakland Public Library in Sora

Special shout-out to OUSD librarians Samantha Solomon and Lisa Hobbs for creating these videos!

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Check out ebooks from the Oakland Public Library!

Do you have an Oakland Freadom card? Click here for FAQ's about how to use your Freadom card to check out books online.

Click here for instructions on logging into Overdrive.

Would you like a personalized book recommendation? Check back here soon for a Google form. In the meantime, email Ms. Kenny!

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