Getting It Right for Every Child

Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) is the Scottish Government’s approach to promoting and safeguarding the wellbeing of children in Scotland. In most cases the families around each child will be able to offer all the help and support that is needed. However, there are times when a child may need a bit of extra help. The GIRFEC approach is there to make it as easy as possible to get that help when it is needed.

The GIRFEC policy requires that every child and young person and their family have access to help and support from a Named Person. The role of the Named Person is to safeguard and support the wellbeing of children and young people very much like the support that has always been offered by key members of staff in school. This new role of Named Person is integrated into the current role of key promoted members of staff in schools and serves to strengthen the support they currently provide, formalising their role as a central point of contact for children, parents and other people working with them.

Below, you will find the names of the members of staff who have been given the role of Named Person for each age group of children along with the arrangements for cover in the event of absence.

It is our intention to support the wellbeing and safeguarding of all of our young people to ensure that they have access to positive outcomes, choices and destinations; however, parents are reminded that the Named Person will only offer advice or support in response to a request from a child or parent, or when a wellbeing need has been identified. There is no obligation to accept the offer of advice or support from a Named Person.

At Renton Primary and LCU your child’s Named Person can be contacted on 01389 752325 and the allocation is as follows:

The headteacher is the Named Person for all pupils in the school however however Named Person duties can be carried out by members of the senior leadership team as delegated by the headteacher.

All pupils: Mrs Dempster

Delegated Duties for pupils who require additional support is as follows:

LCU R4 and R5 and P1-3 pupils: Mr Martin

LCU 1, 2 and 5 and P4-7 pupils: Mrs McColl

Holiday Cover

The GIRFEC policy also recommends the local authorities provide continuity of the Named person Service during school holiday periods. At these times the Named Person Service will be provided by suitably qualified staff from the Central Named Person Service at the Council Offices. See contact details below.

Central Service Named Person Service:

Joanne Scott (Education Support Officer) 01389 737303