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Campus@WDC Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of the Campus @ WDC!

Campus @WDC is West Dunbartonshire's Virtual Learning Environment. Children and teachers can access resources and lessons to use either in school or at home.

Click on the button to head over to the virtual campus Here you'll find the latest lessons and projects created just for you. We have exciting mini-projects, for all ages and across a wide range of subjects and much more for you to peruse and be inspired by.

What's On

Back to the Future 2020 Project

Back to the Future 2020 is an opportunity for the children and young people of West Dunbartonshire to tell their stories, share their hope and aspirations through a variety of media products –writing, art, film, slide shows, animations, etc.

Your work will be collected and organised into a multi-media resource that will be not only a demonstration of learning, but also, an important historical resource.

‘What can you do to contribute to the Back To the Future 2020 resource?’

Click on the video to hear about how we hope you can help change the future for West Dunbartonshire and the World!

Why not get involved...

Halloween Costume Challenge

Take part in our Halloween Costume Challenge.

Send your photos to campus@ourcloud.buzz to be included in our gallery! Don't forget to add your name, age and school to your entry.

You can also share with us on Twitter @WDCEducation

WDC Home Learning Library

Take a look at our new WDC Home Learning Library at the bottom of this page. Our library has fun home learning books for all ages. These books have been created for you, offering a wonderful range of free activities, challenges and projects for you to try at home or at school. There are a wide range of themed activities that you can enjoy week by week. New books will be added every month. Have fun learning!

Weekly Activities and Resources for all the Family


The first day of a brand-new week. A fresh start and a time to reflect on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

We all need a bit of good advice sometimes!

Pumpkin Breathing

You’ll need a mini pumpkin!

Lie down in a comfy spot. Place your mini pumpkin on your tummy. Breathe in slowly through your nose and fill your tummy up with air, focusing on the pumpkin as it rises. Then breathe out slowly through your mouth, emptying your tummy and focusing on the pumpkin as it comes back down. Keep focusing on the pumpkin as you breathe in for three counts and out for three counts, trying to make the pumpkin move as slowly and smoothly as possible.

Halloween Fun

Take a look at this amazing pumpkin music video!

Get into the spirit with this classic Ghost Busters theme tune - guaranteed to blow those cobwebs away!

Halloween activities for the weekend - have a look at our Home Learning books below for loads more playful and creative ideas

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