Consecutive Integers

Domain and Range — Finding domain and range from a graph

Evaluating Functions — function notation

Intercepts — x/y intercepts from equations

Like terms

Linear Inequalities — graphing

Order of Operations — PEMDAS

Point-Slope form — y-y1=m(x-x1)

Recognizing Functions — from graphs

Recognizing Functions — from tables

Simplifying Expressions — distributing with combining like terms

Slope — Finding slope from a graph

Slope — Find slope from 2 points

Slope-Intercept Form — equation (Kahn Academy)

Slope-Intercept Form — graph from y=mx+b (Kahn Academy)

Slope-Intercept Form — graph from y=mx+b (

Writing Slope-Intercept Form - equation (

Slope Intuition — Positive-Negative-Zero-Undefined

Solving Equations — Variables on both sides

Solving Equations — No solution vs Identity

Systems of Equations — Graphing Method

Systems of Linear Inequalities — Graphing Method