Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

For general information about OTO visit

The typical path to becoming a local initiate member is as follows.

  1. Read Liber CCXX - The Book of the Law

    1. Available free online at

  2. See our calendar of events. Read the event description as there may be an attendance fee, required attire, required rehearsal, virtual only attendance or other qualifying factors. Whether virtual or in-person, events are:

    1. Public- Anyone is welcome.

    2. Private- Invited guests are welcome.

    3. Tyled- Initiate members of the specified degree are welcome.

  3. Join our Discord Community (optional)

  4. Baptism in Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (EGC) (optional)

    1. Application is required if not already initiated. Ask the clergy who will perform your Baptism.

    2. Requires two sponsors who have been Confirmed in EGC.

    3. For the Ritual script, available in advance, ask the clergy who will perform your Baptism.

  5. Confirmation in EGC (optional)

    1. Must be Baptized in EGC

    2. Must have Memorized the Creed of EGC

    3. Must have your own white Tau robe that opens at the chest

    4. Must have a Comrade who has been confirmed

    5. Read the script in advance. Ask the clergy who will perform your Confirmation for it.

  6. Minerval Initiation

    1. 18 years of age, not incarcerated or on Parole. Felons have an additional application.

    2. Minerval Dues are $100 per quarter locally and $42 per year to U.S. Grand Lodge (the national organization.)

    3. Completed Preliminary Pledge Form required.

    4. Signed Informed Consent Release and Indemnity form required.

    5. Two sponsors of at least the first degree required.

    6. Witness signature (not an Agent of OTO) required.

    7. Initiation fees (currently $156) must be turned in with the application before the application deadline which will be posted on the calendar.

    8. The paperwork deadline will be not less than 40 days prior to the date of the initiation. During this time period there may be a background check.

    9. Further instructions pertaining to the initiation will be given.

    10. The adventure begins.

For further inquiries email or call 504.345.9418.


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Master, Alombrados Oasis

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