Little Footprints ... Big Steps

Welcome to Otama Primary School

We are a small, beautiful country school, situated about 20 minutes from Gore. Catering for students from year 1 - 8. Our school first opened it's doors on July 9, 1883 when the growing community saw a need for it. The school was rebuilt at its current site in 1960 and has been well maintained. We currently have a Junior and a Senior classroom. As well as local children, some of our families travel from Gore to enjoy our family atmosphere, where our excellent teachers provide individualised programs and rich learning activities.

We have fabulous grounds - a playground area, a large field, netball court and native garden.

We look forward to sharing our school with you.

What's Happening Right Now?

This term we are:

  • driving over to Waikaia School, in our school bus, to learn with them every Tuesday.

  • having horse riding lessons, every Thursday, at Maitland.

  • preparing for our Ag. Day on Friday 4th November: everyone has a pet lamb and we are working on our art at school

  • practising for our production on Friday 9th December.

  • looking forward to monitoring our stream with Environment Southland.