The purpose of the Health Education Department is to provide the skills, information, and resources that students need to live safe and healthy lives. The curriculum is designed to address the most current issues affecting youth today in order to empower students to make healthy decisions. Focus is placed on developing healthy behaviors now in order to promote a life time of wellness.

7th Grade

  • Physical, Mental, and Social Health

  • Self Esteem

  • Mental Illness

  • Tobacco, Alcohol, and Vaping

  • Adolescent Development

  • Stress Management

8th Grade

  • Mental Health

  • Relationships

  • Alcohol & Other Drugs

  • Reproductive Health

  • HIV & STIs

  • Sexual Risk

Both years the following topics are covered and practiced:

-Decision Making

-Goal Setting


-Refusal Skills


Homework Policy

Homework is assigned only when students do not complete their work in the given class time.

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