Ms. Bergmann's Grade 6 ELA


June is here and we are wrapping up our social issues book club units. We have completed our information writing books and moved onto some fiction writing. We are about to start a competition to see who has written the best Choose Your Own Adventure Story! Students reviewed what is needed to construct a good story and now are plugging choices into a Google Form. We are excited for the big competition beginning on June 10th!

May Updates

The school year is just flying by!

In our reading lessons we are working on increasing our stamina, comprehension, and building more empathy for characters we are reading about. During our writing lessons we will be revising some of our earlier work for a digital presentation and consider how writing (and reading) might be different on a screen or as part of a presentation.

Remember to keep reading every night and complete our weekly vocabulary packets.

Happy April!

We are wrapping up our mini poetry unit in reading and deep into our information writing unit. Students have selected topics to research. We have been organizing the information we find in order to write books about these topics. Finally, the New York State ELA Exam is April 2 and 3rd. Please get a a good night's sleep and remember to bring two sharpened pencils to class.

March 5, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope all is well with you and your family. As children get older they sometimes share less of what they are doing in school. With that in mind, I thought I would provide you with a little update. In ELA, we are currently reading historical fiction books focusing on how the world the characters lived in influenced their actions, or interactions with others. In writing, we just completed our literary essay unit. We are about to embark upon an informational writing assignment. Students will select a topic of interest to research and write an informational book about that topic. Students love to look at the books previous classes have created and are inspired to write their own!

At this point, I ask that you continue to remind your child to read for at least 30 minutes every night and complete their daily reading entry in their notebook. Feel free to take a look at the notes they are recording during class to get a better picture of what we are doing every day. Many students have completely filled up their reading notebooks and may even need a new one! It would also be great if you could take a look in his/her pencil case, as many of the students are running low on pencils, erasers, and other supplies they started the year with. I know I have had to do this with my own two children at home.

Feel free to contact me via email at or at 914-762-5740 ext 3494 if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to our continued work helping your child learn and grow.


Lisa Bergmann

Grade 6 ELA Teacher

Welcome to Quarter Three

We are halfway through the school year! It is Black History Month and the beginning of our new reading unit on Historical Fiction. In writing we will be working on refining our literary essay skills with a compare and contrast essay.

Happy New Year!

January brings us a fresh chance to break old habits and develop healthier ones! That makes it the perfect time to talk about growth mindset and how we learn from everything we do. We will being exploring this topic in class. Our focus in reading this month is heroism. We will be reading traditional myths, as well as modern texts about heroes and developing our own definition of what it means to be a hero. In writing we will be working on drafting literary essays analyzing many of the stories we have read. It is one of my favorite months of the year!

December is here!

We are in quarter two now and working on new fiction stories as we sharpen our writing skills. In reading we are using our skills analyzing characters with a partner and creating projects sharing all we have learned.

Happy November!

This month we will be finishing our reading unit entitled a Deep Study of Character and publishing our personal narratives. In addition to this work we will be reading portions of Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli as a mentor text as we examine setting and theme in our own independent books. We will be writing personal essays and poems reflecting the people, places, and things we are grateful for and sharpening our writing skills using a website (NoRedInk) to review basic writing rules. Looking forward to a month of growth and fun as we head into November!

October Notes:

This month in reading we are examining characters.

This includes:

Identifying character traits and locating evidence to support our theories

Recognizing that some characters have less admirable character traits

Considering the internal and external pressures main characters experience within a story

Analyzing how the setting shapes the character in a story

Identifying how changes in setting can cause or reflect a change in the protagonist

This month in writing we are creating personal narratives. This includes:

Writing a complete story with a beginning, middle, and ending

Mapping out our story on a traditional story chart

Introducing a problem and resolving that problem in the end of the story

Revising our writing to include sensory language

Experimenting with several different beginnings

Ensuring our narratives are written in the first person

Elaborating on important scenes to make it clear what the story is really about

2018 Welcome Letter/Syllabus

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