Ms. Bergmann's Grade 6 ELA

December is here!

We are in quarter two now and working on new fiction stories as we sharpen our writing skills. In reading we are using our skills analyzing characters with a partner and creating projects sharing all we have learned.

Happy November!

This month we will be finishing our reading unit entitled a Deep Study of Character and publishing our personal narratives. In addition to this work we will be reading portions of Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli as a mentor text as we examine setting and theme in our own independent books. We will be writing personal essays and poems reflecting the people, places, and things we are grateful for and sharpening our writing skills using a website (NoRedInk) to review basic writing rules. Looking forward to a month of growth and fun as we head into November!

October Notes:

This month in reading we are examining characters.

This includes:

Identifying character traits and locating evidence to support our theories

Recognizing that some characters have less admirable character traits

Considering the internal and external pressures main characters experience within a story

Analyzing how the setting shapes the character in a story

Identifying how changes in setting can cause or reflect a change in the protagonist

This month in writing we are creating personal narratives. This includes:

Writing a complete story with a beginning, middle, and ending

Mapping out our story on a traditional story chart

Introducing a problem and resolving that problem in the end of the story

Revising our writing to include sensory language

Experimenting with several different beginnings

Ensuring our narratives are written in the first person

Elaborating on important scenes to make it clear what the story is really about

2018 Welcome Letter/Syllabus

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