Welcome to the Mission Library!


Monday - Friday

8:15 am - 2:45 pm

Library Policies

  • Every class from Kindergarten to 5th grade visits library each week.
  • 1st grade students check out 1 book at a time. Students in 2nd - 5th grades may check out two books at a time.
  • Checkouts are for 1 week, but student may renew their books as many times as needed.
  • Students may check out and return books on their library day, before school, or during recess.
  • There are no late fees and no fees for damage that can be repaired by the library staff.
  • If students lose a book or damage a book so that it must be discarded, they must pay to replace the book.
  • Students with fines or overdue books are not allowed to check out any more books until they have returned their books or paid their fines.


Phone: 760.966.8708

Email: sarah.pultz@oside.us