2018-19 OHS School Supply List

General SuppliesBackpackPensPencilsErasers/White OutNotebooksFoldersHighlightersPost-ItEarbuds (optional)Wireless mouse (optional)
Art Supplies#2 PencilsPink Eraser
Business SuppliesBasic Calculator (Accounting/Recordkeeping)PencilPenFolderNotebook
English SuppliesBlue, Black and Red pens#2 PencilHighlighterFolder or binder with pocketsNotebook1 pkg. Lined index cards
Phy Ed SuppliesAppropriate clothing for gym or outside activities.Combination Lock must be purchased from instructor
Math SuppliesTI-83 or TI-84 Graphing CalculatorBinderNotebookPencils/Pens
Music SuppliesPocket foldersPens/Pencils
Science SuppliesCalculatorFolderPens, PencilsNotebook3 ring binder
Social Studies SuppliesPens/PencilsNotebookFolder
Technology SuppliesPens/PencilsEraserNotebookFolder3 Ring Binder (PLTW classes)Flash Drive (PLTW classes)

*This is a general list. Teachers may give more specific request once classes get started.