Welcome to Ngahere, where Year 3 and 4 Learners are embarking on a magical learning adventure, please join us on our journey!

We are ready and eager to collaborate, develop our capabilities and curiosities, and make connections with our habitat learners and their family / whanau, as well as the wider community.

Mrs Sidhu

My name is Mrs Raman Sidhu and I am the Lead Learning Coach for Ngahere Habitat. I have been teaching in New Zealand for 11 years. I am very excited to join Ormiston Primary School this year and get to know your child.

I enjoy exploring new things and cooking my favourite meals. I am a proud mum of two daughters and I enjoy spending time with them.

My mission as a Learning Coach is to help children discover the joy of learning. I am very passionate, hardworking and an organised person. I have high expectations for all my learners and I will motivate and encourage them to meet all areas of the curriculum. My passion is Maths. I believe that nothing is impossible , the word itself says “I’m possible”.

Together we can make this year the best possible year for your child. I value and appreciate your support in your child’s learning. I am looking forward to having a wonderful year with you and your child.


Mr Morrow

Mr Morrow is looking forward to working in the year 3-4 habitat again this year and enthusiastic to see where our learning journey leads us.

He likes playing computer games, reading, writing and listening to music in his free time. You may find Mr Morrow riding around East Auckland on his Electric Skateboard.


Mrs Forman

My name is Jan Forman, I have been teaching for 20 years in different schools in Auckland. I am married with three teenage boys and our dog Tessa. We do a lot of exploring of New Zealand in our retro caravan called Flo! One of our favourite places to visit is Rotorua to go Mountain biking.

If I am not on my bike, I could be out paddle boarding, in my garden, or being busy with my hands making things. One of my favourite things to do is have a coffee with friends and family and chat!

I am very excited to be in the Ngahere Habitat this year as a Learning Coach learning alongside you. I love exploring numbers and words; making music and art and exploring how things tick.