Learning Habitat 5



We are #Oresome KDEC Team.


Mrs Kaori Kobayashi, Senior Learning Coach

Hello! I enjoy working with the Deaf learners at Ormiston Primary School. Each learner has unique and excellent skills. I help my learners bring out their high potential. Our KDEC team is really #Oresome. We support our Deaf learners at a high standard. I am thrilled that the Ormiston Community is learning NZSL, and look forward to when all members of our community can build a strong bond.

Miss Abby Francis, Learning Coach

Hello, this is my second year as a Learning Coach at Ormiston Primary School. I enjoy being part of the #Oresome OrmPS team in the Kelston Deaf Education Centre provision. I love being apart of the Deaf culture a our school and learning New Zealand Sign Language.

Miss Ridhi Kumar, Learning Coach

Hello, I work here at Ormiston Primary School with Deaf learners. I started as a reliever in 2016 and got a full time position for 2016-17. I love working here and being a part of the #Oresome Ormiston team and the Deaf culture. I enjoy my time by accepting the challenge of learning NZSL and integrating into my teaching practice. It is amazing to see the school integrating NZSL as it has now become one of the official languages of New Zealand.

Ms Diane Wilford, Educational Associate

Hi! I am employed as an educational Associate at an #oresome school. I have been here since Ormiston Primary School opened in 2014. I have been privileged to work with a great team of staff and students. It is great to see that the deaf community is highly accepted into an #oresome school that staff are learning and using NZSL to communicate with the deaf community at the school. I like seeing the students achieve even if it a little bit but knowing they are all #oresome in their own ways.

Miss Aotearoa Vili, Educational Associate

Hello, I am an Educational Associate here at Ormiston Primary School. I love working with the deaf learners and educators. I enjoy being part of the OrmPS community and meeting the #Oresome educators and learners here. I am happy that the community is committed to learning NZSL to communicate with myself and the Deaf learners. I love OrmPS and feel privileged to work here.

Ms Fiona Peters, Educational Associate

HELLO, I am a part-time Educational Assistant here at Ormiston Primary School. Since I have been here I have enjoyed working with the Deaf learners and building relationships with them and staff. I have enjoyed seeing them develop as people. What an #Oresome school to be working in and that also incorporates NZSL within the school itself.

Ms Zana Paraha, Educational Interpreter

Kia Ora! Tēna Koutou Katoa.

I have recently joined the KDEC whānau at Ormiston Primary School. My journey here began at the start of term 2 2017. I graduated in December 2016 as a New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) interpreter and absolutely love my job. It is a privillage to be included in such an #Oresome team as I begin my career in the wider (Deaf) community. I look forward to work everyday because I get to actively see collaborative teaching and learning methods with our future leaders. LH5 are an amazing group of young learners and educators.

Mrs Geri Durville, NZSL interpreter

Hello! I am a New Zealand sign language interpreter here at Ormiston Primary. I began part time at the end of 2016, and am now full time for 2017. I love being part of the fantastic KDEC team, and the wider team of #Oresome educators and learners. I especially enjoy working with the Deaf learners, building strong relationships with them, and witnessing their achievements and successes. They are such an amazing group of young people, and they make coming to work everyday a joy.

Ms Shona McGhie, NZSL Tutor

Kia Ora! I am a New Zealand Sign Language Tutor working for KDEC. I visit to teach New Zealand Sign Language to Deaf learners and also to OrmPS learners and their learning coaches. Our sign language is really #Oresome. OrmPS learners and Deaf learners can learn an effective way of communicating as part of sharing and knowledge.

Ms Lynne Williams, Reading Recovery Teacher