Learning Habitat 5



We are #Oresome KDEC Team.


Mrs Kaori Kobayashi, Senior Learning Coach

Hello! I enjoy working with the Deaf learners at Ormiston Primary School. Each learner has unique and excellent skills. I help my learners bring out their high potential. Our KDEC team is really #Oresome. We support our Deaf learners at a high standard. I am thrilled that the Ormiston Community is learning NZSL, and look forward to when all members of our community can build a strong bond.

Mrs Selva Naidoo, Learning Coach

Hello, I am one of the KDEC teachers based at Ormiston Primary School. I joined Kelston Deaf Education Centre in 2000. I was based at various Deaf Provisions in West and South Auckland. I have gained vast experience teaching students from Y0 to Y13 and is passionate about developing language and literacy skills for our deaf and hard of hearing learners. I am looking forwards to working with the Juniors students at OrmPS once again.

Mr James Pale, Learning Coach

Hello, I am a teacher based in the Deaf provision at Ormiston Primary School (OrmPS). I work at Ormiston Primary School on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I am excited to be part of the team at OrmPS. I think the school provides an exciting environment for learners where they can challenge themselves to be their very best.

Ms Diane Wilford, Educational Associate

Hi! I am employed as an educational Associate at an #oresome school. I have been here since Ormiston Primary School opened in 2015. I have been privileged to work with a great team of staff and students. It is great to see that the deaf community is highly accepted into an #oresome school that staff are learning and using NZSL to communicate with the deaf community at the school. I like seeing the students achieve even if it a little bit but knowing they are all #oresome in their own ways.

Miss Aotearoa Vili, Educational Associate

Hello, I am an Educational Associate here at Ormiston Primary School. I love working with the deaf learners and educators. I enjoy being part of the OrmPS community and meeting the #Oresome educators and learners here. I am happy that the community is committed to learning NZSL to communicate with myself and the Deaf learners. I love OrmPS and feel privileged to work here.

Mrs Noreen Wilson, NZSL Interpreter

Hello, I am the NZSL staff Interpreter here at Ormiston Primary School. My passion is Deaf Education and working with #oresome learners. I have Deaf parents and grew up using NZSL as my first language. I have been a qualified NZSL interpreter for 7 years. I am so excited to be part of a great team here at Ormiston Primary School.

Ms Lynne Williams, Reading Recovery Teacher

I presently work as a Reading Recovery teacher in LH5 but I have been working in Deaf education for over 20 years in various roles.

Reading Recovery is an individualized literacy intervention aimed at accelerating students learning in Reading and Writing to meet as closely as possible the level of their peers. I am passionate about the importance of literacy for Deaf and Hearing Impaired students as a means to access new language and information and be able to communicate and interact with others.