Learning Habitat 4

Welcome to the Learning Habitat Four website.

Meet the Learning Coaches who learn, play and guide the wonderful Year 1 and 2 learners.

Michelle Lennon

Email: Mlennon@ormistonprimary.school.nz

I am really looking forward to working with Year 1 & 2 this year and excited to see the LH4 learners progress through the year to become Capable, Curious, Connected and Collaborative learners.

Trudi Kareko

Email: tkareko@ormistonprmary.school.nz

Tena Koe,

As a leader of learning and collaboration, I'm super excited to be collaborating alongside our learners and fellow educators and supporting their learning journey! I'm passionate about learning with, about, and from our learners, their whanau, and and the #oresome team of learning coaches we have in LH4!

As a mum of 2, sister to 4, and friend to many I look forward to making strong connections with our local community. After living in Palmerston North for over 15 years and recently moving to Auckland, I'm looking forward to enhancing both my professional and personal experiences!

Sheree Blake

Email: sblake@ormistonprimary.school.nz

I am excited to join the Learning Coach Team in LH4 this year. I am particularly enthusiastic to work with the eager year 1 and 2 learners as they partake in many learning adventures during 2017. Together I look forward to exploring, experiencing and developing our interests and capabilities and connecting with learners families.

Margaret Patrick

Email: mpatrick@ormistonprimary.school.nz

Kia ora,

I look forward to being part of LH4 on Thursdays and Fridays. It is exciting seeing our learners making connections involving :

  • new learning
  • developing skills and capabilities
  • working collaboratively with other learners and Learning Coaches
  • using their time to be involved in other school community and cultural activities
  • using NZSL in our everyday interactions and activities.

For me having fun while we are learning is important : singing, dancing, storytelling, games, drama, experimenting, constructing and lots of laughter ARE A MUST.

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