Learning Habitat 2

Welcome to the Learning Habitat Two website.

Meet the Learning Coaches who learn, play and guide the wonderful year 0 and 1 learners.

Tanja Hans

Email: thans@ormistonprimary.school.nz

Twitter: @tanja_hans

I am extremely excited and feel blessed to be a part of the team in LH2 at Ormiston Primary School. I am looking forward to getting to know the learners and their whanau so that I can provide the best support and scaffolding for their learning and curiosity. I am looking forward to getting involved in the Ormiston community and contributing in any way that I can.

I'm part of the Capable whānau.

Sudha Jacob

Email: sjacob@ormistonprimary.school.nz

I am Sudha Jacob. I work in LH2. As a learning coach, I aim to create an environment that encourages curiosity, collaboration and capability of acquiring new interests and determination. I enjoy working alongside the learners as they investigate and modify their theories.

I'm part of the Connections whānau.

James Morrow

Email: Jmorrow@ormistonprimary.school.nz

I am looking forward to working within the new entrant habitat again this year. I'm excited about all the different experience that the learners will be apart of this year and see the in-depth learning that is acquired through those experiences.

I'm part of the Curious whanau.

Tweet me on : @JTMTeach

Ellaine Ford

Email: Eford@ormistonprimary.school.nz

My name is Ellaine Ford and I am really excited to be joining the Ormiston learning community as the Inclusive Learning Leader and Learning Coach in Habitat 2.

I really love working with children and I feel privileged to spend such incredible years with our learners. I can't wait to learn and explore together in a happy and exciting learning environment.

I am part of the Collaborative Whanau.