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Questions? Please contact Lori Hartline.

Updated September 2023

GRAs, GTAs, Hourly, Summer, Fellowships, timelines, timesheets, payday, insurance, general info, and more. 

Appointment Request Type: Graduate Research Assistantship C60220

Send the following to Lori Hartline 

Tuition is charged proportionally, cost-to-grant will also include F & A, OPE. 

Appointment Request Type: Graduate Teaching Assistantship

Please contact Robert Allan. All GTAs, and any GRA/GTA splits must be pre-approved.


Appointment Request Type: Graduate Student Hourly C51641 (FWSp)

Send the following to Lori Hartline 

May be used for tuition (out-of-pocket) in cases where grants don’t allow for tuition. Student registration for under 5 credits will prompt charges for FICA taxes to the student. You are not required to cover these, but most do.

Hourly appointment does not provide OSU Grad Health Insurance, nor does it allow access to that plan.

If you wish to pay above the limits for this type of hire, see contacts immediately below. They can possibly suggest other appointment types.

Faculty PIs: do you have grant-cost or budgeting questions? Please contact your grants person in CEOAS Finance, see the Research page in the Faculty Handbook, or email


Summer Hire information from summer 2023, OSU HR. 

CEOAS information for Summer term 2024 will be sent out around March 2023.

Fellowship questions, please contact Lori Hartline. These are not GRAs or GTAs


CEOAS Graduate Student Hiring    |         Student Information

Updated September 2023

General Timelines:

Hiring Request Deadlines -- students, prompt your advisor or funding faculty member to submit this info!

This allows for timely completion of all steps, from request through approvals and payroll activation. 

August 1 for Fall term

November 1 for Winter term 

February 1 for spring term

April 1 for Summer term

Graduate Hiring Steps: generally take a month to become active

Delay factors: after PI request is received, but before pay is “active”

I’m a PI, do I sign off on the timesheet?

I’m a Graduate Assistant, do I need to submit a timesheet?

YES: GRA/GTAC60220 timesheets are submitted blank unless you are claiming sicktime or substituting hours for another GTA.

YES: Graduate Hourly C51641 timesheets are submitted with hours by students. 

SUPERVISOR needs to notify student of allowable hours as that’s what scales the actual pay. Applies mostly with summer-hire options.

When is Payday?


Timesheets due mid-month, supervisor must sign off. Pay is end of current month.


Timesheets due mid-month, supervisor must sign off, pay is end of TRAILING month.

Note on assistantship-to-Hourly transition for standard hiring dates–there is a lag of 1.5 months between paydays, you may request a draw, but be aware of limits to amounts available.

What about graduate student insurance?

Grad Insurance through OSU is not available for Hourly hires.

See this page for more information, including insurance activation timelines, and dependent coverage information.

More links:

(CEOAS uses the ‘base’ tuition rates)

Collective Bargaining Agreement - CGE contract for graduate assistants

Questions? Please contact Lori Hartline.