Matador Wellness Center

Portola Middle School & Community

What is "Wellness?" (Que significar la palaba inglesa "Wellness?")

Wellness can be explained as...

Making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. This can be "school life," or "home life," or "social life."

The key word is "choices,"

We all have to make choices, and choices lead to outcomes. Sometimes the outcome is positive, sometimes negative. Either way, we can learn from the choices.

The is end goal is "health,"

"Health" requires active choices. The choice to eat better; the choice to be a better student; the choice to manage your emotions; the choice to work on your mental health. You make them individually, but you are supported by the community around you. That's where "this site" comes in.

"Wellness" es como la palabra "Bienestar" es Espanol

How can we achieve "Wellness?"

This is a hard question, but a good question.

All of us, from the students, to the teachers, to the staff at school, to the parents and families...

want a healthy life. Some find it in exercising, some find it in meditation, some find it in social relationships. There is no "one" right way. But there are some wrong ways. Take precaution and ask for help if you are unsure.

Disclaimer: this site is meant to provide general resources and general recommendations.

Always consult with a medical professional if you have specific concerns or questions.

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