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After School Creative Club In-person for Brady Students!
Personalized designing For Orange 6th - 8th grade students during study hall.
For Brady 6th - 8th graders. Building a better world using Teamwork.
After School Photography Workshops In-person for students 6th - 12th grade
Students will design a “Together” t-shirt. Materials generously provided by Brady PTA. While Supplies Last FREE!
Drive at your own pace and join our Google Classroom for activities.
Coding & Fab Lab Machines - Fun at a whole new level.

Brady FabLab, BMS Library and Students Celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day, EVERY DAY!

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Tracing Life's Roots

In this Digital Exploration, you will act as zoologists to investigate common ancestry and will obtain information about four different species to determine which two animal species are the most closely related. You will compare embryotic development stages, anatomical evidence and genetic evidence to support your conclusion. Although species may look very similar, you will find that physical appearance doesn’t always signify close relation between animals. Finally, you will examine the diverse range of careers in zoology.

Discover the tools and methods scientists use to study animals and their common ancestry with TGR EDU: Explore

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To Our Solar System and Back

Using this Digital Exploration, you will act as planetary scientists who have been tasked with conducting a sample return mission. You will be introduced to several celestial bodies that each offer a different type of sample for collection. Once you select a celestial body, you will investigate the future of reusable launch systems and the STEM behind both a successful launch and landing to obtain and return their sample. Finally, you will examine the diverse range of careers in the aerospace industry.

Understand how space exploration has contributed to technological advancement with TGR EDU: Explore

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