ORA Experts

Open - Reliable - Available

ORA Experts is your partner / contractor delivering solutions and services in IT area.

We design, deploy, operate and improve IT managed services from the desktop to the data centre that help customers to align their IT to their core business requirements. We aim to help IT departments free themselves from day to day operational activity to allow them to deliver strategic value back to their business by creating an agile and scalable infrastructure that is closely aligned to their organisations core business operations.

ORA Experts is a group of enthusiasts who believe that everything can be done. And most of it can be done with opensource / freeware solution or costs included in support fee. We are a Managed IT Services Provider for small to mid-sized businesses and also Consulting and Services provider for large institutions occasionally looking for outside view or high skilled, certified expert services.

Our mission is to provide the finest information technology solutions possible. Whether you need remote monitoring and control of your infrastructure, whether you need an infrastructure itself, whether you neeed an expert's services or whether you need highly trained and experienced IT consultants to provide added value to your business, we can help.