Ms. Spitzer's Class

Welcome to Ms. Spitzer's class! I am so excited to meet you! 


I am Ms. Spitzer, Ms. S, or just "Spitzer". I teach Government and Economics, U.S. History, Modern World History, Geography, Ethnic Studies and Geometry. In addition to these core classes I am excited to teach Maker Space, Cooking, Gardening, Fitness for Life, Current World Affairs and History and Film. 

As ASB coordinator I oversee students as they organize our holiday celebrations, canned food drive, gift giving drive, spirit days, and numerous other activities on our campus! Check out ASB here

Why do I teach?

I teach because it is fun! I count myself as one of the lucky adults who truly loves their job. As a student, I never had a favorite subject and I found trouble more often than success. My memories of school are of the teachers who made learning fun and the activities that made me excited to fully engage and learn skills that stuck with me for life. 

When I was called to become a teacher I didn’t know what subject I wanted to teach, all I knew was that I wanted to create memories for my students and give them skills to succeed in future education and careers. I am an advocate for all students' success and students find success through the courage to try and learning to believe in themselves. Through my education and experience, I have developed the ability to teach students those skills. 

My classroom is comfortable and safe for every student. This is my priority. This is why I teach. My hope is that I will impact every student who enters my classroom and those students will impact the lives of people in their futures. This is how I will change the world.