Mrs. Smits'

7th Grade Humanities

Welcome to Mrs. Smits' 7th Grade Humanities Site! This will be a go-to spot for students and parents throughout the year. Please check back frequently for updated schedules, announcements, and other pertinent information.

Students, visit our Google Classroom for specific assignments and daily class updates.

Mission Statement

As an educator, I believe that every student should be given an equal opportunity to learn. I strive to not only teach my students, but to learn from them. I am passionate about literature and the way we can, as readers, learn about ourselves and the world around us through the written word. My goals for this year are to enjoy time with my own children and husband, keep my family safe, happy, and healthy, and to help my students navigate through the world as we all face the unknown. I hope my students and their families see my classroom as a safe place where all people, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, and cultures will be accepted.


Classroom: G-4

7th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies

Medea Creek Middle School