Elementary Counseling

School Counselors

Brookside Elementary - Samantha King, sking@opusd.org

Red Oak Elementary - Holly Baxter, hbaxter@opusd.org

Oak Hills Elementary - Alana Schulman, aschulman@opusd.org

What Is School Counseling?

School Counseling supports the academic success of every student in through social-emotional learning experiences, assistance with transitions or life changes, teaching study and organizational habits, supporting healthy friendships, creating a safe social environment, and much, much more. Our counselors are pleased to be part of your child's educational experience through in-class guidance lessons, school programs, and individual or group counseling sessions. They look forward to meeting you at one of our parent education evenings or school events. Feel free to email your counselors if you have any questions or concerns. For more information about elementary school counseling, click here.

How Can My Child See the Counselor?

Any student may request to see our counselors for help with worries, friendship, or any other topic as a single session. Students can make these requests in their classroom by filling out a "I Want To See The Counselor" form or letting their teacher know. Our counselors are also frequently on the yard for student support. For ongoing concerns or bigger issues, you may complete a Parent Request for Counseling and Parent Permission Slip and turn these in to your school office or teacher.

Please note that it is the role of the school counselor to support academic learning and access to educational services, and therefore some issues or concerns may not fall within the scope of school counseling services. If you are not sure if counseling would be of support to your child, feel free to contact your school counselor to discuss your concerns. Your child's teacher may also recommend your student for counseling. When teachers make this recommendation, a parent permission slip is sent home for you to sign before beginning counseling support. We are always available to answer questions regarding this referral. Every student will get to know our counselors through in-class counseling lessons and other school events. It is our goal to be available to both you and your child throughout their years in the elementary grades.