Mr. Fisch Science 6/7

Welcome to science class! Please make sure to check your specific class page at the top daily. There is a dropdown menu with information to help with your academic success this school year. You will find information on:

  • Daily Agenda and Assignments: Displays a list of class assignments and their due dates

  • Table of Contents: Shows what page of your science notebook to put specific work onto

  • Classroom Guidelines: A reminder of the class expectations and syllabus

  • Science Links: Check out interesting links related to science topics of the class (more soon)

Class Info:

Teacher: Jacob Fisch

Room: C-19

Classes: Science 7th, and Environmental Explorers 6th

Email Adress:


Be prepared for lots of fun, hands-on, labs and activities while you learn about geology, biology, and chemistry.

School starts on Tuesday, August 9. Take a look at my “Class materials” webpage before then so you know what type of supplies you will need for class. We will be making interactive science notebooks to keep track of all of your work this year. Details about the suggested composition notebooks and other supplies can be found on that page.