Mrs. Dusek

8th Grade Humanities - ROOM C2

Welcome! "Humanities" is a class in which we blend language arts and social studies, including examinations of the economy, philosophy and culture of a given time period. We have a great year planned! I center my class around building personal character and study skills. This is to enable you to be successful in high school and beyond.

Here is a few previews of what we'll do in class during the year.

  • Language Arts:
      • Literature - novels Chains and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
      • Essays - narrative, argumentative, response to lit (fancy book report), as well as business letters and others
      • Debates!! Everyone gets to argue. :)

  • Social Studies:
      • The early colonies
      • American Revolution
      • Constitution & Bill of Rights
      • War of 1812
      • Civil War
      • ...and all the scandals and stories in between!

Schedules for classwork, HW and tests are on the front covers of every packet. Please refer to them for info.